LIFE CHANGING, Research Driven, Nutritional Coaching for Everyone.
That’s our mission with The TakeDown™ LifeStyle Nutrition Program

1 on 1 Consultation

Learn the program and get to know your very own Nutrition Technician. Set your goals and begin your journey toward a healthier you! Leave the meeting with a plan and a new outlook on healthy eating. You are not on a diet, you are working at a new lifestyle.


Ongoing Assessments

Continuous, informative and supportive access to a Nutrition Technician to provide accountability throughout the program. Focus on what’s going right and how to keep the program working exactly the way you need. Gain education on food choices, food labels, recipes, eating out, and getting healthier and stronger! Re-set goals to give you a clear focus of what to work toward

TakeDown LifeStyle™ Binder

A 3-ring binder filled with valuable nutrition information and how it pertains to the participant as an individual. Outlines the program including journaling requirements, cardio/fitness recommendations, recipes, meal ideas and other important components of the program. A binder is a tangible reminder of your program, progress, and plans.


Initial assessment

We do a thorough evaluation of you. We find out what you like, don’t like, do, don’t do, want, don’t want….Etc. We also do a complete body composition analysis to learn exactly who you are as an individual from day one, strategizing for what we need to do to get you to the vision or goal that you have in mind. Nothing is unrealistic, everything can be addressed to ensure your success.We ask you to set some goals and write them down to create a true accountability system. Goals tend to evolve with you and we are continually acknowledging where you are and where you want to go.Based on our assessment of you as an individual, we will guide you until you have reached a place where you feel completely confident and self-sufficient.



We definitely advocate exercise, but our main goal is teaching you proper nutrition. We offer exercise recommendations for both cardiovascular training and strength training. This will be determined by what you are currently doing and what you can commit to doing going forward.


Tips & Tricks

We have over 9 years of experience with so many different types of people and circumstances. We have several “tips and tricks” to help up you create a life style that you can maintain.

  • Protein Smoothie Recipes to get your metabolism revving in the morning…or whenever you like to have smoothies!
  • “Pack & Go” Meal assembly sheets to help you create the perfect quick meal or snack that is just right for you. Great for busy bees! Learn hot to MASTER it.
  • Meal idea Sheets. We took it one step further and will give you over 20 ideas to fuel your body right! We took out all the guesswork to help you get started immediately.
  • “Grab & Go” Meal Replacement Bar Recommendations. We have done the research for you, so you feel confident we are recommending the best meal replacement bars for you. We do not sell a product line, but we will guide you when it comes to purchasing what you want or need to keep your program working no matter what!
  • Date night? Family dinner out? Work party? Even dining at a restaurant can be very daunting if you are trying to make the right choices. It can be overwhelming and often temptations and confusion take over! The menus only tell you so much, we will educate you on the rest so you can avoid making mistakes or giving in to temptation.  Check out our Blog where we have already reviewed and approved some menu items from popular restaurants for you!
  • Do you grab one of those darn candies on Frank’s desk every time you walk by it…and you don’t even like that candy!? Do you sip on that fancy coffee drink for 3 hours in the morning while checking your emails? Do you put whipped cream on your oatmeal? These are habits, and we will help you work with them. Some habits you don’t even realize you have…or may not realize, they can be effecting how you look and feel. This is a big part of what we help you over-come and address. Life strategies!
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Meet Jennifer Martin, she's lost over 50 lbs and 6 dress sizes since joining The TakeDOwn Lifestyle. A total 18 lbs participating in the TakeDown Challenge alone! She said, "Both my husband and my 6 children now have a mom/wife with much more energy.
I sleep less and get out more. I have more clarity. I find dealing with tough issues is much easier. My whole family is benefiting from the change.Joining the TakeDown Challenge completely changed my life. Thank you"!